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The SSA proudly recognizes National Sun Safety week with special events, programs and exciting announcements!

  • SSA and the “Art of Making A Difference” through the Entertainment Industry
  • Jeff Nygaard & Sun Safety at the Association for Professional Volleyball Players (AVP) Tour
  • SSA and AYANA Apparel Launch a Sun Safe Clothing Line!
  • Sun Safety PSA’s Distributed through the National Association of Broadcasters
  • Summer Sun Safety Tip
SSA and the “Art of Making A Difference” through the Entertainment Industry

7 The Sun Safety Alliance, Inc. (SSA), under the management of the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC) is committed to increasing awareness of the importance of depicting sun safe behaviors in entertainment productions. EIC educates, serves as a resource to, and recognizes the incredible writers, directors, producers, performers and others who are committed to making a difference through their art.

In recognition of Sun Safety Week, EIC announced a Call for Entries for the 3rd Annual SunSCAN Awards. This is the first-ever recognition created to honor entertainment productions that address sun safety and skin cancer awareness and prevention on screen. Those individuals involved in the creation of entertainment contributions which accurately depict the issue of skin cancer or the importance of sun safety will be awarded a SunSCAN Commendation Certificate. Past SunSCAN winners include The OC, The Swan, Stanley, The Today Show, 10 Years Younger, and 20/20.

Sun Safety Depiction Suggestions:
7 SSA and EIC have worked together to encourage the incorporation of research-based information about sun safety and skin cancer prevention into storylines to make them as believable and beneficial to audiences, while maintaining entertainment value. In honor of Sun Safety Week, sun safety depiction suggestions were created and distributed to members of the entertainment industry as a resource for entertainment development and production. These depiction suggestions included:

Realistic interaction - Have one of your characters remind another to apply sunscreen before going outside. Doing so will add a casual, realistic element to the dialogue, making it seem less scripted.

Romantic intrigue - Let's be frank: Applying sunscreen is a good excuse to take off your characters' clothes. A little skin never hurt ratings.

Beauty is skin deep - A character can point out that the more sun exposure a person has, the more Botox she will need down the road. By spending $2.50 for a bottle of sunscreen, she will be saving $250 on botulism toxin, and possibly her life.

Jerk some tears - Skin cancer often goes unnoticed until it's too late. By that time, it can be disfiguring and terribly painful. By no means is melanoma or any other skin cancer a pleasant thing-but it's incredibly common, and is not often explored onscreen.

Sun safety can be stylish - Sex & the City was popular in large part because of its ongoing fashion-forward trend setting. Start a trend by putting your characters in a variety of hats to shield them from the sun. The same can be done with protective eyewear.

Leave 'em laughing - Friends hit a comedy goldmine when a bad experience with a spray-tanning salon left Ross looking more well-done than well. Showing your characters red-hot from the sun isn't funny, but stupid-looking tans can be.

7If you have seen an entertainment production that you believe deserves a commendation, please contact Alissa D’Amelio, SSA Program Coordinator, at For more information about EIC resources, please visit

7Jeff Nygaard & Sun Safety at the Association for Professional Volleyball Players (AVP) Tour
The SSA is ensuring that volleyball fans and others will be sun safe during the AVP tour this summer. Jeff Nygaard, a contestant in the tournament and spokesperson for the SSA, will announce the observance of Sun Safety Week at the start of the games in each city-stop that week. At these AVP events the SSA will be encouraging sun safe behavior to spectators within the sponsorship village. On Sunday, June 1st the SSA will be participating in the Atlanta, Georgia AVP games. Fans are encouraged to stop by the SSA tent where sun safety facts and tips as well as sunscreen samples (donated from Banana Boat) will be distributed. On Sunday, June 8th the SSA 7 will be working with Banana Boat in the sponsor village of the Los Angeles, California AVP games. Click here and to watch Jeff Nygaard speak out during an interview at the Atlanta AVP event! In addition, the SSA is seeking support from Congressional Representatives in each of the cities on the AVP Tour to on an SSA Congressional Honorary Support Committee in an effort to heighten awareness of sun safety and skin cancer prevention in America.


SSA and AYANA Apparel Launch a Sun Safe Clothing Line!

7Who says that being sun safe has to be passé or unfashionable? Not us! The SSA has partnered with AYANA Apparel to launch a UV-Protective Sun Safety Alliance clothing line. This stylish collection is designed for men, women and children providing smart protection that helps prevent skin cancer with comfort and good taste.

This sun safe clothing line is tested and certified by the Australian/New Zealand Standard based on a combination of protection and comfort.
77Actress Melora Hardin, who stars in the television series “The Office,” has agreed to be the first celebrity model for the clothing line. Celebrity promotion of UV protective sun safety clothing is a unique opportunity to create national awareness about the importance of skin cancer prevention.
A portion of the proceeds from this UV protective SSA clothing line will benefit the SSA in our efforts to reduce the incidence of skin cancer in America. Please be on the look-out for ordering information. Also,
visit and for more information.


Sun Safety PSA’s Distributed through the National Association of Broadcasters

The Sun Safety Alliance and the Collette Coyne Melanoma Awareness Campaign’s (CCMAC) powerful skin cancer prevention public service announcements (PSA) will be distributed throughout the summer to heighten sun safety awareness. The National Association of Broadcasters will be providing both PSA’s to its member stations 7 via satellite starting early June as the summer months begin through to the end of August.
The Sun Safety Alliance PSA features a
young woman who overexposes herself to the sun and develops skin cancer. As she speaks to the audience, her face ages dramatically, and it becomes obvious that her skin is sun damaged. The CCMAC PSA frighteningly highlights the dangers of using a sun tanning booth.
Please visit and to view the PSA’s.


Summer Sun Safety Tip

77 Summertime is upon us! That means it is time for family vacations, outdoor sports, and other fun, sun-filled activities. Be sure to “block the sun, not the fun” by wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses! Remember, the sun is at its highest and strongest between 10:00 AM-4:00 PM.
The SSA encourages parents to lead by example. If you practice sun safety, your children are likely to model those sun safe habits. Teach your children to apply sunscreen and stay in the shade!

For more information contact the Sun Safety Alliance

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