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Our plan for increasing the public's awareness about skin cancer and the need for sun safety includes:

  • Establishing the Sun Safety Alliance (SSA) as a unifying structure that unites other organizations engaged in the research, treatment, and prevention of skin cancer.
  • Funding a national survey that will help us determine how the SSA can improve sun-safety/skin cancer awareness.
  • Building programs that will help Alliance members to deliver a sun-safety message to those people engaged in outdoor activities.
  • Increase public awareness about UV exposure and skin cancer through strategic communication efforts so that people will actively practice sun-safe behavior.


The objectives of the Sun Safety Alliance are to:

  • Increase awareness of skin cancer and the need for early childhood sun-safety protection.
  • Motivate people to take necessary and appropriate actions to protect themselves—especially young children!
  • Help all healthcare professionals educate their patients about the danger of UV rays and skin cancer.
  • Create a voluntary set of sun-safety principles that members and supporters of our Alliance can endorse and adopt.

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