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Official Newsletter for Sun Safety Alliance

In This Issue, Spring 2007

Winner of Mothers and Others Against Skin Cancer Disney Trip

During 2006, individuals who joined Mothers and Others Against Skin Cancer (MASC) had their names placed in a random drawing for an all-expense-paid multi-day stay at the Disney theme park of their choice. The winner of this family vacation package was Linda Page, Cleveland County Parish Nurse Coordinator from Shelby, North Carolina. When we notified Ms. Page of the award, we asked why she joined MASC. She responded:

Dear Mr. Schneider,
I became a member of MASC because my 46 year old cousin died with melanoma over a year ago. I am a redhead with 3 sons, two of whom have red hair and fair skin so I am concerned for our skin health. I am also a Parish Nurse Coordinator so I look for health education opportunities and this is a very important area. So, my interest in MASC is both personal and professional. Thanks for the information that MASC provides.
Linda Page, RN, BSN Cleveland County Parish Nurse Coordinator.

Congratulations Linda! We hope you enjoy a sun-safe vacation at the Disney Park!

Join Mothers and Others Against Skin Cancer (MASC) and show your support for sun safety. There is no cost and no obligation to join. Individual members benefit by receiving:

  • The quarterly newsletter of the Sun Safety Alliance.
  • Sun safety facts and information.
  • Consumer coupons related to sun safety products such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats.
  • As a member, we can also provide you with information about sun safety developments in your state if you would like to become an advocate for the cause.


NAEYC Conference, Atlanta

In November 2006, Dr. Charlotte Hendricks, Project Director for the Sun-Safe Childcare Project, and Dr. Connie Jo Smith, consultant, presented Sun Safety in Childcare: Helping caregivers, parents, and young children be sun-safe for life at the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This presentation introduced our staff training program for early care and education (ECE) programs. Participants were excited to know there are new sun safety materials designed specifically for ECE program.

Content of this "Sun Safety" training module involves knowledge and actions to protect children from overexposure to damaging UV rays, both from the sun and from other sources. On average, children get 3 times more exposure than adults and are at great risk for lifelong damage, including increased risk of skin cancer and melanoma. Childcare and preschool settings provide an opportunity to protect children, teach lifelong habits, and inform parents. Sun safety actions include avoiding peak hours, seeking shade, wearing hats and cover-up clothing, wearing sunglasses, and using sunscreen. Participants received current information about sun safety for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers and explored innovative and practical ways to meet sun-safe criteria. Participants also engaged in activities appropriate for young children, and reviewed new resources including children's learning activities, parent materials, and appropriate policy and procedures.

These materials are now available. For information on these and other resources, visit the SSA webpage for Child Daycare Project and click on resources. You can also link directly to the resources presented at NAEYC by clicking on the following:

Staff training module:

Parent materials:

Children's learning activities:
Children's Sun Safety Booklet:


U.S. Navy Child And Youth Programs (CYP) Conference

The Sun Safety Alliance was invited to exhibit available resource materials at the Annual Navy Child and Youth Programs Conference Expo held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resort in Orlando, Florida. Over 200 U.S. Navy CYP personnel participated in this event and visited our booth. Sun safety materials were provided not only by the SSA, but also by Healthy Childcare Consultants (, Rocky Mountain Sunscreen (, and Healthy CHILDCare Magazine (

In addition to receiving resource packets, all participants were invited to enter their names in a drawing for a free playground shade structure donated by Apollo Sunguard Systems, Inc. ( This structure is designed to provide protection from harmful UV solar radiation and provide a cool and pleasant place for children to play. The winner of the Apollo Sunguard Shade Structure was Ms.Carmen Chapa, Naval Air Station Kingsville, Texas.


2007 American Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AAHPERD) Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD

http://www.aahperd.orgOn March 15, the Sun Safety Alliance presented a session on Sun Safety and Young Children at the AAHPERD Annual Conference in Baltimore.


ECE Sun Safety Survey

During November and December 2006, the Sun Safety Alliance partnered with Western Kentucky University, Training and Technical Services, to conduct a survey and learn more about the specific sun safety needs of early childcare and education programs. 481 individuals responded, representing a variety of ECE programs, including Head Start, military, family- and center-based, and private- and state-funded programs in 46 U.S. states and territories, Australia, and Canada. Results indicate that the majority of respondents provide shade (83%) and water (89%) during children's outdoor activities. Over half the respondents (55%) schedule outdoor activities to avoid peak sun hours. Also, of the 397 centers which provide care for infants, over 90% reported that infants are not exposed to direct sunlight. The majority of respondents (54%) reported that their programs encourage parents to provide sunscreen for their children. Reported actual sunscreen use in the ECE was similar. 53% of programs reported using sunscreen always/usually, while 44% reported sunscreen application only occasionally, if at all. Hats, sunglasses, and cover-up clothing (long pants and long sleeves) are important in sun safety. While respondents reported encouraging parents to provide these items for their children, it appears that many children are not sufficiently protected when playing outside. Sunglasses were rarely used (78% reported occasional/never) and cover-up clothing was seldom worn (73% reported occasional/never). And only 39% reported that hats were worn when outside. For more information or specific survey results, please contact Dr. Charlotte Hendricks at


Spring Sun Safety Tip

As the days lengthen and the weather warms up, more people are outside enjoying the sunshine. Many individuals are thinking about swimsuit season! If you desire a more bronzed complexion, consider the sun-safe alternatives. Many salons offer spray-on tans and there are self-tanning lotions and products available at your local retailer.

And while you are there, check out the cute sunglasses and hats available for spring and summer fashion!


Anderson Joes to Host Fun in the Sun 2007 During Sun Safety Week

The Anderson Joes, a minor league baseball team in Anderson, South Carolina, have created another way to entertain Anderson's youth at the ballpark. On June 6, the Joes will host Fun in the Sun 2007 day for local daycares and summer youth programs. Game time for that day's game versus the Bradenton Juice is 11 a.m., but the day's festivities will begin about 10 a.m.

Kids attending the Fun in the Sun 2007 event will enjoy a full day of events at the ballpark. For only $5.00 each, kids receive a ticket, lunch at the ballpark, and a great seat for the First Annual Mascot Olympics. Other special kid-friendly events will also be held throughout the entire event.

The Joes will be promoting sun safety in support of the Sun Safety Alliance's Sun Safety Week. Related activities will include a presentation of sun safety information to daycare and summer program leaders prior to the game as well as announcements with sun safety tips during the game.

For more information contact:
Creed Taylor, Intern, Marketing & Sales
Anderson Joes Professional Baseball, (864) 261-4137


2007 Sun Safety Week June 3-9

For more information, contact the Sun Safety Alliance at (703) 837-4202.

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