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About SSA/Mission

The Sun Safety Alliance, Inc. (SSA) is a communication and educationally focused Center of the Entertainment and Media Communication Institute, a division of the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC). EIC brings the power and influence of the entertainment industry to communicate on health and social issues. EIC is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1983, dedicated to educating, providing resources to, and recognizing accurate storytelling and depictions of the incredible writers, directors, producers, performers and others who are committed to making a difference through their art.

Our Mission

SSA’s mission is to reduce the incidence of skin cancer. We believe that by focusing on prevention, education, and awareness, generations will be able to improve their behaviors and live with healthy lifestyles. SSA wants to spread national awareness of skin cancer as an important health issue.

SSA additionally works to:

  • Bridge the gap between research on sun safety and skin cancer prevention issues by then finding strategic means of communicating them to the public.
  • Educate the public and improve public awareness regarding the importance of sun care safety, especially for children, with the goal of helping to prevent skin cancer due to sun exposure; To encourage members of the public to take action to protect themselves and their families, especially children, from the dangers of the sun;
  • Enhance the ability of healthcare providers, including community pharmacists and physicians, and to promote the mission of eliminating skin cancer.


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