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Skin Cancer
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Student Assessment Tool

Teacher Resource Worksheet
Educators: You may fill out and print this page now OR download and save it as a pdf file* to your computer. To download the pdf file, click here.

Student Name:

To assess understanding of essential concepts during this unit, use this page to keep track of your students' progress. Check off each statement that applies.

Student understands why the sun can be harmful to his or her health.
Student understands why sun protection is an important issue.
Student understands guidelines for how to protect him or herself properly.
Student understands basic concepts of UV radiation and what affects the amount reaching earth.
Student understands how to read UV indexes and weather reports.
Student uses prior knowledge to understand and respond to new information.
Student researches, plans, drafts, and revises written work.
Student understands how to draft a personal letter.
Student gathers, records, and interprets data for scientific inquiry.


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skin cancer news